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Our center is located within The Reserve gated community in Kemensah consisting of 7,122 square feet of space.The building is equipped to meet strict performance standards and is certified to provide our children with a safe and enriching environment.

Facilities & Services: Services
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The Activity area is where we stimulate and develop the young minds of the children. Kiddie-sized furniture, toys and also a specially designed wash area for kids are all provided to ensure maximum comfort and also maximum fun!


We enjoy a bit of song and dance here at Small Steps and so have provided the Performance Area for our young stars to shine. In this area our children will participate in the singing of nursery rhymes coupled with dance activities.

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Sufficient rest is just as important as play and the Sleeping Area is where everyone gets to catch a bit of shut eye. Everyone has space during naptime; with the safety and comfort of the children assured under the watchful eyes of our caregivers. There is also a specially prepared nursery for the babies to rest.


The Playground is where our children will get to explore and have many wonderful adventures. We have provided the best playground equipment and plenty of extra space for the kids to stretch their legs. The entire area is completely secured by fencing and surrounded with sufficient padding to ensure the safety of the children.

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You are what you eat and we provide only the healthiest food to our children. Healthy meals and snacks are freshly prepared daily and we also cater to any special diet requirements.


Security is paramount and the entirety of Small Steps Child Care Center is equipped with 24-hour CCTV equipment. All movement in and out of the center will be monitored by both our equipment and staff to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to Small Steps.

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